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Chicken Feet | Fizzy Chicken Feet

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fizzy chicken feetChicken feet are a jelly lolly in shape of chicken feet. They come in both plain and fizzy (sour sugar coating)

Not the food delicacy that is eaten in Chinese, Trinidadian, Jamaican, South African, Peruvian, and Philippine cuisine,but instead a confectionery item made predominantly in Spain – where many of the “sour” varieties are manufactured these days.

Chicken feet are not only quirky, but tasty, too! Fruity flavoured bright yellow with either red, blue or green highlights. I have to say I am not a fan of chicken feet in any form of foodstuff so I was not aware that they actually have different flavours. The colour at the end of the foot indicates the flavour – green for watermelon, blue for blueberry and red for strawberry. The flavours and colours are the same in either the plain or fizzy variety.

Why develop a lolly in the shape of chicken feet? They are great for decoration on all sorts of birthday cakes from farmyards, zoos, jungles to animal tracks.

Youll get 26 chicken feet in 100g and they contain glucose syrup, sugar, gelatine, citric acid, modified corn starch, flavourings, vegetable oil, carnauba wax, beeswax, colours(104 129 133 171). They are suitable for those on gluten free and lactose intolerance diets.

In the feet line of lollies we also have gummi feet, known by some of the locals as smelly feet which come in two sizes.

I thought you might enjoy a chicken joke:

“A pair of chickens walk up to the circulation desk at a public library and say, ‘Buk Buk BUK.’ The librarian decides that the chickens desire three books, and provides them…and the chickens leave shortly thereafter.

Around midday, the two chickens return to the circulation desk quite vexed and say,’ Buk Buk BuKKOOK!’ The librarian decides that the chickens desire another three books and provides them. The chickens leave as before.

The two chickens return to the library in the early afternoon, approach the librarian, looking very annoyed and say, ‘Buk Buk Buk Buk Bukkooook!’ The librarian is now a little suspicious of these chickens. She gives them what they request, and decides to follow them.

She follows them out of the library, out of the town, and to a park. At this point, she hides behind a tree, not wanting to be seen. She sees the two chickens throwing the books at a frog in a pond, to which the frog was saying, “Rrredit Rrredit Rrredit…”

Yes, yes I know – stick to the lollies and chocolates!




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