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Caramel Kisses | Coconut Quivers

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caramel kisses

For lovers of caramel these morsels are a must. Caramel kisses are a small cube of caramel fudge covered in coconut. I remember them as caramel quivers and being more of a torpedo shape but the taste is similar.


There’s not much to the ingredient list – glucose, sucrose, sweetened condensed milk, flour, vegetable oil, water, flavour, gelatine, salt, emulsifiers, colour. Caramel kisses are a dense and individually heavy lolly so you get 12 in 100g.


I did some research into the naming of these lollies and discovered that in the USA they consider caramel kisses to be a Hershey product that is soft caramel covered in chocolate and part of their “kisses” range of chocolate. There are also a range of recipes for muffin size cakes and biscuits that carry the same name – how confusing.

I’ll just stick to the good old Aussie lolly I think!

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