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Cane Toads | Giant Frogs

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Cane Toad lolliesThese lollies, known locally as cane toads, are a large frog shape, green, yellow and white jelly lolly with a grainy sugar coating.

Before I tasted one of these interesting confections, I presumed (by the smell) that they were another in the sour range of lollies. This is not the case – although they have a loose sugar coating similar to others in the sour range, these morsels are quite sweet and soft to eat.

Each cane toad is about the size of the palm of an adult hand, lies flat on one side (the underside is white) whilst the other side is raised in a anatomical representation of a frog or toad. I had a sense that I had called them cane toads when I first saw them but recently discovered an old bulk supply container that had the “cane toad” title printed on it from the manufacturer. As they are made in Europe I think they are probably based on a large frog model rather than our “love to hate” cane toads.

Cane toads are sold individually (this works out better than trying to weight them) and the ingredients are  sugar, glucose, gelling agents, acidifiers, flavours, colours.

Like the gummi skeletons also made in Europe, I sometimes have a number of cane toads in my supply that have lost legs or heads during transportation. Not being one to waste , I package them up and sell them as “road kill cane toads”. For my visiting Queensland clients, these are an extremely popular item to take back home with them. Many a time I have heard the comment ” That’s the best way to see a cane toad – road kill”. The living cane toads continue to be an uncontrolled pest moving slowly down the country from their original landing place in Queensland.

The cane toad, Bufo marinus, was introduced to Australia by the sugar cane industry to control two pests of sugar cane, the grey backed cane beetle and the frenchie beetle. One hundred and one toads arrived at Edmonton in North Queensland in June 1935. Unseasonal breeding occurred almost immediately, and within 6 months over 60,000 young toads had been released.



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