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Big Boss

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Big Boss candy sticks

Big Boss is a caramel flavoured candy stick made by Fyna in Australia.
Originally sold as Big Boss Cigars, they were later renamed as Big Boss Dynamite Sticks and in late 2011 were again renamed and boxed – this time as Big Boss Crusading Caramel Sticks. The box now carries a graphic of a superhero.

Fyna commenced operations in the 1940s producing sherbet products. Fyna’s expertise in manufacturing new lines of confectionery has grown from the manufacture of “sugar confectionery” to the manufacture of extruded paste products, panned and enrobed chocolates and licorice. Big Boss, Stix and Fads have been popular for almost 50 years in Australia, leading to Fyna Foods becoming the largest confectionery manufacturer of extruded paste
products in the southern hemisphere.

The ingredients for Big Boss Dynamite Sticks are mixed to form a dough which is then put through an extruder and cut to size. The product is then dried. After it has been dried it is packed ready for you to eat!

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