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Barley Sugar

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This is a guest post by lolly lover and work experience student Jemima.

Barley sugar is a hard lolly that is traditionally made by adding barley water and sugar to form into twists, strips, lozenges and moulded shapes.

Barley Sugar
It was first created in England in the 17th century by the Benedicting monks of Moret-sur-Loing. It’s name has been said to be a mistranslation of the French name, sucre brûlé as the barley is a very minor part of the recipe. I personally believe that it was not a mistranslation but a purposeful naming reflecting the true translation of the French name: sugar of barley. Any statement made by a researcher or historian has to be backed up by primary source information and the lack of concrete, supporting evidence makes either side of this argument equally true or false.
Here at the Lolly Shop Wangi, barley sugar is sold by weight with 15 per 100g. After many years of taste testing , the brand we carry now is an English one – Matlow’s. They are individually wrapped round disks, sadly not the twists I would like to have in stock. The ingredients include: sugar, corn syrup, lactic acid, natural flavour and artificial flavour, colour. They are appropriate for gluten free and nut free diets. They are also handy travel lollies for sea, land and air.
While researching, I kept getting furniture results about the twisted timber legs on tables and chairs commonly referred to as barley sugar twist. It led me to wonder which one came first, the leg or the lolly.

If it was the furniture, how many other furniture products are named after lollies?

barley sugar twist furniture



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