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Apple Rings

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apple rings

This is a guest post by Peter as part of his work experience.

Sour apple rings are a tingly apple treat for any age to enjoy! One of the family of gummi style lollies so popular at present, they have a crisp, clean apple flavour just like a Granny Smith apple.


You will get 17 sour apple rings in 100g. They contain glucose syrup, sugar, humectant, beef gelatine, food acids, flavours, vegetable oil colours. They are suitable for nut free dietary constraints/choices.


These are one of the few “apple” flavoured lollies we have at the Lolly Shop Wangi. Granny Smith apples are an Australian favourite and, in fact, are a strain of apples developed in this country to suit the growing climate. They were first grown 1868 at Eastwood (now a suburb of Sydney) by an actual “Granny” – Maria Ann Smith, developed from cultivars already producting apple on her family farm. When growing on the tree the skin turns from yellow to green – the colour of the outside of these sour apple rings.


Now it’s time for a ‘rotten’ apple jokes!

Why did the apple stop running? Because it ran out of juice!


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