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Lolly Shop Wangi

About the Lolly Shop Wangi

Kim the Lolly Shop Lady

Kim – The lady behind Wangi’s Famous Lolly Shop

My name is Kim Baillie and I love lollies.

My Famous Lolly Shop in Wangi Wangi began its life on the shores of lovely Lake Macquarie in New South Wales (Australia) in January 2008. These days I have other interests to pursue so this website is my way of keeping all you lolly lovers up to date with the lolly world.

My website can provide you with information and history on all the Australian lolly favourites like Choo Choo Bars and Cobbers as well as the best of British sweets and the finest American Candy.


Have a look around the website, I am sure I will have something that will delight your sweet tooth.

Have a Sweet Day


PS. I almost forgot, if you would like any of my lollies but can’t find what you are after, I will be happy to help. Please just fill out the simple form below and I will be in touch with you as soon as I can (and usually within 24 hours)

Thanks Again


Wangi’s Famous Lolly Shop
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