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ISM 2012 – United Kingdom

in Confectionery Trade Shows

Here at the Lolly Shop Wangi we have always carried a special selection of UK favourites. My wonderful distributor based in South Australia keeps me up to date on any new and popular items they can supply. So I was intrigued by the ICA stand in Cologne when I saw a dispensing machine for jelly beans and then one for sour powder.

The jelly beans were pretty in their individual colours but it wasn’t different enough from the single colour packs I can already get through a variey of manufacturers.

Taste testingThe sour powder, however, was a different story. Based on a self serve dispensing system the “Pucker Powder” comes in 12 flavours with three sizes of resealable tubes. The finished product looks a bit like those sand art containers you sometimes see at markets.

I’m actively seeking to obtain one of these units for the shop – not to use in the shop but to have available for hire for parties and weddings….I predict its the next big thing after lolly buffets.

Pucker Powder dispenser

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