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ISM 2012 – Innovation Part 2

in Confectionery Trade Shows

Here are some more of the innovative ideas for new sweets from ISM 2012 and the International Design School in Cologne.

fleyeFleye – designed for Halloween is an air filled package with five “eyes” inside. By squeezing the balloon tighly one of the eyes will pop out and with practice (according to the designer) you can catch it in your mouth. The outside of the eye will dissolve to give you a berry juice to dribble down your chin.


bright-ideaBright Idea – An outer sugar shell in the shape of a light bulb sits on top of a small box. When a button is pressed, the gum drop exclamation mark inside glows.




helium-sweetsHelium Sweets – A thin sugar coated balloon is filled with helium for the ultimate good time gobstopper! I really found this idea innovative and fun!



holleHolle – snow flake shaped caramelised coconut pieces are hidden in a small pillow. When you shake the pillow the snow is released. Based on a European fable about Mother Hulda.




candle-cakeCandle Cake – The candle comes in three flavours and when lit will melt to form the icing for the cake.




pivoPivot – This is a game and sweet combined. The package contains three kinds of chocolate balls, game construction pieces and a manual. It works using random rotation of the container to release the chocolate balls.



Yet more in a few days!