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Tattoo Bubblegum

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tattoo bubblegum

Tattoo Bubble Gum – “Wow…. the little bubble gum with the tattoo, I remember licking the tattoo and sticking it on my arm, hand and even my forehead!!……… or was that just me?”

Just one of the more memorable quotes from our visitors to the Lolly Shop Wangi. Tattoo bubblegum was a forbidden item in our household when we were younger – on both counts. Bubblegum generally was frowned upon and tattoos were not considered “safe”. Even ear piercing was not considered safe in our household!

So when we went to Saturday morning sport and saw the “Footy Card” bubblegum for sale at the canteen all we could do was smell the distinctive aroma of the bubblgum sticks that came with the cards and move on to our purchase of eucalyptus drops and caramel buds.

These days when I have visitors looking to relive their bubblegum days, I open the jar of Tattoo bubblegum and let them have a sniff. Immediately they are transported back to the days of cold, dusty sports grounds and the importance of getting the packet open so you could see which “footy” star card you had or could swap with your mates.

So when you need to visit that memory, think of individual Tattoo bubblegum or my “safe” alternative – bubblegum flavoured lollypops with a tattoo!

Bubblegum Flavour Lollypops

Both these items are only available by special order.


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