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Quick and Easy Birthday Cake Decoration

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Looking for a quick and easy way to decorate a celebration cake? When my boys were growing up I loved to let my imagination run wild with their birthday cake decoration. Trucks, car race tracks, kitchen stoves, rockets, ghosts, monsters and one year a memorable jelly bean pizza (for a TMNT party) all made at least one appearance. So having a lolly shop filled with decoration potentials gives me a chance to encourage another generation of birthday cake decorators!

easy cake decorationEnter fairy dust…..At the bottom of most bulk containers for our lollies is the excess sugar, sparkles etc from the lollies. I didn’t like to see this going to waste so now we have packs of this ready for all you imaginative cake people to use.

Whether its for cupcakes or a full size celebration cake, why not add a little magic to the mix by sprinkling some fairy dust over your creation. Its sure to get some reaction!

Update: In the years since this post was first written, one of the well known baking supplies companies here in Australia has introduced a sprinkle topping to their range called “Fairy Dust”. Great minds think alike!!

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