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Fads or Fags?

in Aussie Favourites

Fads Lollies

Fads are an iconic Aussie sweet. Most people of my generation still think of them as “Fags” – a white hard candy stick with a red tip looking for all the world like a cigarette. These days they are yellow in colour and there’s no red tip.

I’m honoured to be able to share a very personal  history of Fags sent to us by Mary.

“My father, along with his brother were the inventors of Fags, musk sticks, big boss cigars, white puffs, fruit sticks, coloured cigs and coltsfoot rock. Riviera Confectionary, first in a factory in Glen Huntley then, South Rd, Moorabbin, Victoria, from 1943 produced Fags.
Fyna foods bought our company in 1987 with the name changing to Fads a couple of years into the new ownership. The packaging was completley different when they were Fags.

I, as most of us family members, worked for the company after leaving school. I am very proud to be part of the history of such an Australian icon. My late father was buried with the last packet of Fags that came off the production line, the day he retired. Hope this helps with your history of FAGS. Sincerely Mary.”

So whether you know them as Fags or Fads, they’re still around .

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  • sue

    I remember Fags. The best part was pretending you were smoking…not many imagination inducing lollies around these days. Mind you, I do have a packet of marshmallow willies right here beside me. Saving them for a special occasion , probably happy new year. Most people remember Fags as a symbol of ‘how things were better when I was growing up’, not so politically correct/ nanny state/big brother is watching.

  • Ian G

    Hi, I was really amused to go to college with Dave, who was the son of one of the blokes who invented and made Fags.
    As a kid, my brother and friends and I used to stop off at Peter’s Cafe on the way to school and buy a box of Fags and had a really good time.
    Luckily I never took up heavy cigarettes!

  • Andrew Graham

    I well remember them and consumed more than my fair share of them over the years of my childhood. I treated them like real cigarettes as some of my genaeration probably did. I’m sure the name had to be changed for other reasons. But somehow I don’t think calling them ciggies would have been appropriate. It nice to they are still around.

  • Letisha

    Dave is my dads cousin 🙂 and that beautiful man that created those wonderful Lollies that so many children still love today was my grandfather! Still making musk sticks every Christmas at home is how I love to remember him. Very proud to be apart of this piece of Australian history😍

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